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My thoughts on dating websites

So I get asked the same question alllll the time when I start a conversation with a girl on a dating website.

"what are you looking for on here?"

That question makes no sense to me.  Because to me there is ONLY one thing to look for!  The following:


1. We start talking... if the talking goes well with messaging back and forth...

2. We start texting... or IMing... or phone chatting conversing over the phone...  If that goes well...

3. We meet for coffee or beer... and then we do a little chatting in person over coffee or a beer and we joke we laugh... etc. (or we just sit there awkwardly and hope that it's over soon)

4. IF the coffee or beer awkwardness goes well... then we meet again... maybe for dinner... maybe a movie.... whatever.

5. If we meet several times and it seems like it's going ok and we maybe start going over to each others places and we start making dinner together or just watching movies...

6. THEN we say ok... let's be all officially official on facebook.  AFTER we change our status on facebook and we are officially in a relationship and all... and we delete our profiles from the dating site....

7.  We go on regular fun date nights... we buy each other little fun "I thought of you just now" gifts... and we text each other and email each other cute fun things and we always make excuses to make each other laugh... and we just are all about each other... AND....

We start doing it.  A lot.  All the time.  As much as we possibly can.  And we learn new and super whoa ways to do it... and we read books on new super whoa ways to do it.  Lots and lots of doing it.

8.  After a while we start to get serious.  Then maybe after a year of gifts and funs and cuteness... and lots and LOTS of doing it like whoa.  We start talking about moving in together.

9.  After maybe 2 or 3 years... we rent together.  We get a place together and we live together for a year or 2.

10. I PROPOSE!  And then we set a date.  And then we try to think of a place to get married and  a cool way to spend our honey and moon and a super ccool fun different way to dance down the aisle to some fun pop song... or choreograph the wedding party... etc.

11. We buy a casa of our own.

12. We continue the doing it thing so much that at some-point.... we replicate little babes of our own.

13. this continues on and on and on  and on forever... well not the babes part... but the doing it and being in love and living together and raising the babes that we mades part.

That's my answer.  Because to me... that's the ONLY reason why I'm on a dating website.  WHY else would someone be on a dating site?!?!

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