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bugs and bad dreams turned funny

If bugs and creepy crawlery spiders creep you out... skim this quickly and read the parts that don't creep you out.

It's not really all THAT creepy... but for people who get creeped out by bugs easily I just wanted to write a warning!

Ok here goes...

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream.  Well... it wasn't really BAD... but...

Basically I was scuba diving... except I could breathe the water.  And the water wasn't really there.  So myself and people I didn't know were in some old sunken building as a group of people.

And we're floating around inside this old barn.  Because scuba diving without water... is just floating... or float diving.

Right well... things were going kinda ok... the group was just exploring things.

Well all of a sudden I'm behind the group trying to catch up.  So I see a shortcut through a side door and I can see through that room to the other room and the leader of the group just in view.  I think I'll just play catch up by going through this room and skipping the round about way.

As SOON as I'm in the room... I look up.

Oh crap.  Spiders EVERYWHERE!  Webs and hanging and all shapes and sizes... and they cover the doors and...

They are just EVERYWHERE!!!!

So of course I wake up and jump up out of bed... Im like brushing off every part of my body and looking around the room and my bed and brushing off my arms and legs and hair and face and back...

after about 15 or 20 seconds... I kinda realize I look really ridiculous.

And that there aren't any spiders on me.  Then I'm thinking well... at least no one can see me.

I lay back down.  BUT, I can't sleep.  Lame.  I keep thinking of that scene in the underwater scuba barn tour with the sea spiders in their webs!


Wellllll... THEN... All of a sudden.  I have a random thought.  I think to myself if I picture a spider wearing a pink tutu... maybe that will take away the creepyness factor.

AND, it worked!  I feel asleep shortly after because I couldn't get over the whole image of a spider trying to be all spider like... while wearing a pink tutu...

I mean just picture ANY thing or any person in a pink tutu and immediately the whole scary creepy factor is kinda gone.  And it just turns funny.

A pink tutu is that frilly thing around the waste that ballerinas wear.  In case anyone wasn't sure.

Well... so I fell asleep.  And then I dreamed a second dream where there was a spider the size of a cat in front of me in a parking lot and I'm trying to get to my car.  And it's trying to be all scary and block me.  And it sticks out it's fangs.  It's basically a giant looking tarantula.  Then I just laugh at it.  Because it's wearing a tutu... and then it just starts to dance.  Except it dances like that scene in Space Balls with the dancing alien that dances across the diner table.

So that made it funny.  That was all there was to that second dream.  Well I hope my dreams tonight are less like last night and more like... Ummm... well anything that doesn't include spiders.

So why the bug title?

Well I got to work today.  Annnnnnnnnnd my coworker decided to bring in a little something different.  He had this delicacy from back home where he's from.  Yep... it was bugs.  Ewwwwwww... well these were little cooked and dried something catapiller bugs or I'm not sure...

Basically something out of Lion king when they are Hakuna matata-ing it up.

Yep... grub.  ACTUAL grub.  Gross.  But I tried one little tiny little itty bitty bite.

My boss video taped me trying it.  I'll have to get a hold of that footage.  I think my face was probably something very odd when I was eating it.

It tasted like sticks and leaves and sunflower seeds... and pollen.

or something like that.  It was an odd taste.

Meanwhile my coworker was eating them like chips.

Well that's my bug stories for today.


In other news my cables came in!  So maybe I'll discuss that stuff more tomorrow.  My mom is supposed to be coming home tomorrow night after work so hopefully I'll be going to pick her up after work.  But we'll see.  She's got an infection thing that they are treating with antibiotics and it seems to be not going away super quickly.  So a trip to the doctor on wednesday turned into 2 days in the hospital which then turned into she's still in the hospital until hopefully tomorrow night.  If not it might be another 2 days.

Wednesday I'm playing my wish upon a hero song at a tribute for one of the professors that recently passed away.  I'm pretty nervous about that.  It should be a very nice ceremony though.  I was asked to play that song by one of the people helping to organize things.  So I'm kind of opening things up with my song.

Anywho... I'm just really sleepy now.  So...

For now... I'm off to sleep!  Goodnight!

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