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A post v-day post

Well... it's almost over.  It was an ok day.  Just pretty normal for the most part.  Work was super busy and lunch was good.  I came home and just kinda zoned out.  Made a pretty sweet southwestern omelette.  Watched some random things on netflix.

I got an email that my cables have shipped.... 3 business days.  Then I can setup my camera with my TV and start making my next video.  It's just going to be a creative comedy video with construction paper cut outs.  It should be REALLY funny.  Then I'll work on my vlog part 2!  That's going to be pretty funny as well.

I want to make a video music video too for a few songs.  My plan is to try out this thing where CD Baby lets you monetize your songs on youtube.  So basically you can sign up for this sync thing once a song is on CD Baby.  After you've uploaded it and sycned it you can then start getting paid each time your song gets played anywhere on youtube.  Or even a piece of it.  So my "plan" is to make a music video that will hopefully be cool and nifty and neat enough to be something that would be soooooooo funny people would send to all their friends... and then those friends send to their friends and their friends send to their friends... and before you know it... I've got a million hits!  And since I'll be using the sync thingy... I can then get like a half a quarter of a fraction of a cent from each of those views of the funny music video!  And THEN, I can put that money into making more videos and songs and recording equipment etc. etc. Which would just be soooooo super duper sweet.

Anywho yea so I dunno... I was thinking about that dream date thing and I think... well... it doesn't have to be a Valentine's date... it could just be an any time date.  So I mean... I'll just let the idea stay floating out there in idea land... I definitely think drinks and appetizers would be a fun little date.  But tonight just staying in... it wasn't bad.

I think I finally had my fill of V-day stuff though when my facebook feed was filled up with people either posting or commenting on other posts of pictures of V-day flowers that they got from their significant others.  I guess I got a LITTLE jealous... but it's ok... I'm pretty happy just being single and being myself.  When things happen how they are supposed to happen... well... they just will!

And I believe that.

Well it's time for me to get to bed... I've taken the day off tomorrow to take my mom to some doctors appointments and things.  She's got another infection.  So we'll see how that goes tomorrow.

I think if nothing else... getting texts from my mom and my dad each wishing me happy Valentine's day was pretty stellar.  I wished them both happy V-day back.  I'll take that.

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