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My Nat Geo Photo Contest Submission

Last night I submitted my photo entry to the Nat Geo Photo contest.  I basically had 2 or 3 months to do this and OF COURSE I waited to till the very last moment to submit my entry.  So at the zero hour I created my account and uploaded my photo and paid the 15 dollar submission fee.  It was cool to enter.  I want to try entering some songwriting contests as well for my music.  It was a little odd feeling to click the submit button... I was actually kind of nervous to submit my photo!  I almost backed out but decided to just go for it.  What the heck.  Why not?

Well, they made it on the site that you can link to it to share with people.  So what better opportunity to share than right here!

Real quick I'll just give a quick what the photo is...

The photo was taken when the Chili's down the street from where I live caught on fire in the middle of the night.  After hearing several sirens and see the lights through my blinds of a number of fire trucks go by I decided to get up out of bed and head to the window to check it out.  The whole street was all blocked off!  And not just any street it was Lancaster Ave (The main road through the whole town... although it's a pretty main road in general).  Initially when I saw the first truck parked and thought it would be cool to just photograph a fire truck, lights all on and the water hoses all out.  I wasn't expecting to get anywhere NEAR to even see the fire really.  So I took my camera just to see if I could ask the first police officer if I could take a picture.  But he let me go right in... and the same with all the fire fighters.  They all said go ahead and take as many photos as you like... just don't get too close to the fire to get hurt.  I thought I'd be gone 5 minutes and then right back to bed.  But, an hour or 2 or whatever later when the sun was just starting to come up, I was finally going to sleep!  I took about 300 pictures.

As far as I know no one was hurt in the fire.  I thought those men and women fighting it were real heroes and very brave and courageous people and they deserve infinite amount of thanks for what they do!

So anyways long story short they let everyone who wanted in close enough to actually even feel heat from the fire!  It was crazy.  I was using my telephoto lens.  So I was able to get a bunch of shots of the firefighters actually doing their job.  This photo just really stuck out to me.  I don't know there was something very interesting about it I guess.  So when I saw the nat geo contest a little while later I immediately knew I wanted to submit this exact picture.

OK, basically the rules for the Nat Geo Photo Contest said very little editing allowed... I decided to just not touch the photo at all and submit it as is.  So here is the photo I submitted.  It's unedited right out of the camera and was number 281 of the pictures I took.  Oh and I'll keep everyone posted if I win or place or get any kind of response or a runners up prize or anything...

I decided to title it after a lyric in my song Wish Upon A Hero and call it:

"The Heroes Inside Us All"


Well today I'm blogging on my lunch time.  It's about time for me to get back to work!

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